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Licensing to high-performance companies outside of Germany welcome.

The Schluff System features its own sewage program. This enables domestic connections and pumpstations to be controlled and operated via Internet. Thus optimal operation reliability is guaranteed and costs for maintenance are minimized.


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Details of the system


Das Schluff System Rohrgraben
and shallow

The Network

Das Schluff System Rohrgraben

Pipe laying

Das Schluff System Rohrverlegung
h = 0,12 - 0,20 m
L = 20,0 - 50,0 m

Domestic Shaft


Distance for sewage transport to treatment max. 5-6 km

Vacuum pneumatic pumpstation

Distance for sewage transport to treatment max. 20 km

Pumpstation under construction

Part below ground

Pumpstation inside

Pumpstation control panel

Pumpstation outside

Biological Filter

By sucking out the sewage out of the pipes, the vacuum pumps generate unrefined gas.
This gas smells.
The smell is eliminated 100 % by biological filter.

Separation building

Long pressure pipes fpr sewage water needs to be flushed with compressed air at time.

At the end of the pressure pipe sewage water and air flow out of the pipe simultaneously.

The separation between sewagewater and air has to be separated in a special buildung.

Afterwards the sawagewater flows out by gravity.

Sewage treatment plant

Company Schluff has developed together with the vacuum sewer a special treatment plant. It operates on natural bases. It requires no equipment or maintenance work for 25 years. It looks like a natural lake with water birds. Fish population confirms the purity of the water.

Maximum load size up to 5000 inhabitants

Wastewater analysis

of three sewage treatment plants

The BOD is between 5 and 6 mg, the COD between 80 and 90 mg.

Schluff Kanalisationssysteme Schluff Kanalisationssysteme Schluff Kanalisationssysteme

Special Equipment

The monitoring and controlling system

Schluff Kanalisationssysteme


In the pumpstation a central computer is located that is connected with all machinery parts of the pumpstation and the domestic shafts.
The data transfer is effected by a current cable that serves the controll as well as the supervision of all functions. The current supply is effected by the pumpstation and thus independent from the local current net.


The Schluff Sewerage System disposes of its own sewage program with its own software.


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